Uwe Dulz
Graduated Social Pedagogue
Founder of preklado
Translator into German
Member of the translation-team in Launchpad / Ubuntu

Born 01.10.1973
married, 1 daughter

Worked 10 years in the youth welfare/Streetwork in Dresden/Germany,
including 6 years deputy head of a youth centre
In this context, experience in organization and realization of adventure travels, including travels abroad and to high mountains, development and realization of climbing courses

Country Manager for 1.5 years with an Internet startup
in the Czech Republic
Experience in team management, organization and administration in the Czech Republic, practical application of the Czech language in telephonic and written customer service,
translation work (business documents, contracts, website)

Since 1999 autodidactically learning the Czech language
Other language skills include Russian (8 years of school),
English (6 years of school, daily use), as well as French and Portuguese to a small extent.
Language skills were practised and deepened through many trips to England, Russia, France, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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