Frequently asked questions

What does the name „“ mean?
The czech word „překlad“ [prrĵäklad] means „translation“. The domain name is just a play on words based on this.

How can I use your services?
Easily: just send your order per email. In case you want to check details feel free to call me in advance. At this time there is no possibility to order directly over the web.

You provide your rates in Czech Crowns only. Does that mean, that I will have to pay in CZK?
For your convenience I can accout you in Euro. When invoicing you I will use the current currency rate to convert the bill to EUR. Also, I offer you to pay the invoice in EUR directly to my german account thus saving on international transaction fees.

Which fileformats can you work on, or respectively, in which format can I send you my text to translate?
I accept virtually every non-exotic fileformat. This includes even graphics.
But although I do so I cannot guarantee to keep all the formatting. The reason is, that there can be missing fonts or that the documents just render differently on different systems. Exceptions are simple formattings like bold or italic texts and colors.
Therefore I recommend creating a database or table for keeping your textual translation. From there they can be easily included into fully formatted documents.
You are welcome to ask me for help when creating your translation database – I will happily help you.

How can I get in contact with you?
The fastest and easiest way to contact me is by using the contact form. You can also contact me by e-mail, Phone or letter using the contact data provided on the contact-page.
If you want we can also make an appointment for personal consultation.

Do you offer only translations into Czech and German language?
Yes and No.
Because I am a native German living in Czech Republic I offer those services in Czech and German language at first. But if required I can arrange a translation into almost every european language – all done by native speakers. Especially translations into Slovak, German, Italian, Greek, Slovenian, Portuguese and Polish can be easily and reliably arranged. This service requires a special arrangement and is therefore not included in the standard offer.

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