I prepare your translations under the following conditions:
  • quick
    You want to finish your project - as fast as possible. That's why I try to have your translations ready within 24 hours. However, it can happen, that many orders arrive before your order. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee working your order within 24 hours in this case. Just tell me about the urgency so we can find a solution. During daytime I will inform you about the estimated duration to complete your translation request within 60 minutes after receiving your order.
  • transparent
    I keep you informed about the status of your translation request. Please feel free to ask about it any time.
  • exact
    Language is alive - language is sensitive. Therefore distortions in translations can happen. To avoid this, translations are done only by native speakers of the target language, and I always confer with you in case of doubt.
  • natural
    Each language has its peculiarities. A phrase of one language need not necessarily exist in another language. In such cases a verbatim translation renders a text incomprehensible and makes the reader recognize the translation. I transfer your text into a different language, so the sense remains. Your text will read naturally, just as if it has never been translated.
  • cheap
    Translation services are specially qualified Services - but they need not be expensive. To offer you my services as cheaply as possible I restrain myself basically on the transfer of your text either in ISO-standardized format ODF, HTML, RTF or as a table. I accept all other formats, especially DOC, but I can not guarantee, that the formatting remains.
  • flexible
    Your company is developing - your texts are changing. The offer of preklado is tailored especially for this case. At wish to manage your database of translations, and my offer is attractively priced especially for small changes and regular updates.
Choose between three different service offerings!
Do You have a multilingual website that is updated regularly? Do You frequently welcome Czech or German guests in your restaurant or hotel?
The yearly package is exactly the right offer for you! Translations whenever you need them - not depending on size and at a stable price.

Yearly package Simple translation

Complete package, especially suited for regular small and average translations.
  • for menus
  • for websites
  • for customer information
includes proofreading and free maintenance of a database of your translations.

Discounted pricing, based on word count, not the amount of pages, also makes singular small translations affordable.

< 200 words: 2,- €
< 400 words: 4,- €
> 400 words: free

fair und transparent accounting

You translate - I just proofread and correct

low lump sum per page

Besides the lump-sum I will account you only for actual corrected words.

I am correcting fair and transparently!

40,- € yearly fee
only 0,10 € per word

from 2,- € lump-sum
0,10 € per word

from 4,- € lump-sum
0,10 € per corrected word

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If you are a customer with a yearly package, recommend preklado to others! In case a new customer orders the yearly package on your recommendation you will receive a credit of 500,- Kč to your customer account!